Franklin Scholars is now a Volunteering Approved Activity Provider for The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that the Franklin Scholars beacon programme is now approved for the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Volunteering section! While completing the DofE programme with Franklin Scholars, young people will develop new skills, expand their knowledge, become more confident in working with new people, make new friends and be part of a cohort of Franklin Scholars in your school. In addition, the experiences that Franklin Scholars gain could be useful for UCAS personal statements and National Records of Achievement.

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Which opportunities are available to DofE participants?

The DofE volunteering opportunity is available to select students in secondary schools that partner with us on the Franklin Scholars year-long beacon programme. In each school, we will recruit a cohort of 15 or 30 Franklin Scholars, who will volunteer as peer mentors (approximately 1 hour per week) for the duration of the school year, as part of the beacon programme. Depending on the age of the young person, our programme can be used towards the DofE Bronze (students aged 14+), Silver (aged 15+), and Gold (aged 16+) Awards.

Getting started

Interested in working with Franklin Scholars as part of your volunteering journey? The next steps are a guide on how to get started:

  1. Check whether your school is a Franklin Scholars partner school! The Franklin Scholars beacon programme is available only to our partner schools. Interested in signing up? Contact us!

  2. Once your school is partnered with Franklin Scholars, students can apply to be a Franklin Scholar! Franklin Scholars are recruited at the start of the school year in each of the schools that we work with.

  3. Students should speak to their DofE Leader or visit the DofE website (

  4. Students complete the Franklin Scholars programme! Students should remember to record their activities on eDofE (DofE’s online record keeping system) and ask their Franklin Scholars contact or in-school Programme Leader to sign off on volunteering hours.