ABOUT Franklin Scholars


We believe in the power of people helping people.

Using our expertise in developmental relationships, we develop and implement peer-to-peer support programmes in schools and in businesses.

Franklin Scholars was founded in 2013 with the goal of using peer mentoring to help students in the transition into secondary school. In the five years since, we have now worked in over 60 secondary schools across seven regions of England providing in-school literacy and numeracy peer mentoring programmes using our social and emotional skills development framework. This programme now reaches almost 1,000 students per year.

As we’ve continued growing - both in impact and in size - we’ve expanded our programmes to reach people at other points in their journey. This includes the Bundles & Buddies Primary School offering as well as the Oydssey FS Peer Coaching programmes for business.

Why we do it

Lost in Transition

We know that the transition points and change - be they in primary school, secondary school, or in the workplace - can be difficult times for people to navigate. In many cases, these moments can determine future success and opportunities. We know that one-to-one support networks are a reliable and cost-effect way to support people, no matter their age, through tricky times.

When One Teaches, Two Learn

We think the solution exists in every school and workplace. For every person looking to progress in school or in their career, there is an older mentor who is very well placed to help. We connect mentors and mentees and give them the skills, the tools and resources to boost each others' progress, confidence and wellbeing.