The programme


The Franklin Scholars Buddies and Bundles Programme for primary schools, is an evidence-based peer-support programme.

Working closely with your school over a term, we support Year 5 and Year 3 pupils to work together in developing literacy skills as well as nine key social and emotional skills to
become better learners.

Focusing on a different social and emotional skill every week, our programme sees Year 5s act as a ‘buddy’ to a Year 3 student, with support from a ‘bundle’ of other students.

Our programme helps develop young people's literacy skills as well as important social and emotional habits and skills – including resilience and confidence. In addition, our programme is flexible in letting schools pick which social and emotional skills they would like to develop in their students, and provides training opportunities for in-school Programme Leaders.

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How it works

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Our programmes are:


TARGETED to support particular groups of vulnerable or underperforming pupils.

LINKED TO SCHOOL PRIORITY AREAS with a suite of activities developed around 24 social and emotional skills, of which schools pick 9 to be the focus of their term-long intervention.

ALIGNED WITH THE OFSTED FRAMEWORK and help develop pupils' character – including resilience and confidence.

SUPPORTED BY IMMERSIVE TRAINING and PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES so that programme leaders are equipped to lead high-impact sessions.


As term-long programme, the scope of impact grows as we continue to work with our partner schools year-on-year or for multiple terms per year. If you'd like to hear more about how we can work with your school, please get in touch.