Three cool things that Franklin Scholars have done this year - and it's only February!

This year (like every year!), our Franklin Scholars continue to amaze us with the cool and exciting things they are doing in their schools and communities. Check out our top three for 2019…and it’s only February!

  1. Shahid, one of our Franklin Scholar from Manchester Academy, was named an #iwill ambassador for his work with Franklin Scholars and social action to get the voices of young people heard. There are only 250 #iwill ambassadors (50 in each new cohort), so this is a great achievement!

  2. Shaan from Langdon Academy gave a keynote speech at the annual Anne Frank Trust lunch! This lunch was attended by hundreds of guests and has already raised almost £450,000!

  3. Last but certainly not least, Penny from Chellaston Academy published an Op-Ed in the Huffington Post about ‘ditching the influencers on Instagram’, and how this helped Penny love her disabled self. Read more on the Huffington Post website, here!

Photos courtesy of #iwill , Langdon Academy, and Huffington Post.