ABOUT Franklin Scholars


We want to help every pupil make a strong start in secondary school.

To do this, we recruit and train a cohort of Year 10 Franklin Scholars to provide a year-round programme of support to boost, strengthen and stretch Year 7 pupils through their first year.

Our rigorous recruitment, training and support programme challenges and equips the Franklin Scholars to lead weekly workshops combining group activities, 1:1 literacy tuition and 1:1 coaching for Year 7s. With our support, the Franklin Scholars will develop the skills they need to forge ahead in their own education, while helping Year 7s boost their literacy skills and develop the resilience to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Why we do it

Lost in Transition

We know that the transition from primary to secondary education is a big leap for many pupils, and how they navigate this transition is a strong predictor of future success.

One-to-one tutoring is a reliable way to build skills and raise attainment, but is inaccessible to most pupils.  

When One Teaches, Two Learn

We think the solution exists in every school. For every Year 7 pupil looking to make a strong start in secondary, there is an older student in the same school who is very well placed to help. We connect these students and give them the skills, the tools and resources to boost each others' progress, confidence and wellbeing.

While the Franklin Scholars support the Year 7s, they themselves develop a sense of purpose, self-worth and responsibility. They build empathy, communication and leadership skills. And they become more focused in their own learning as they get ready for a crucial period in their own education.