Franklin Scholars is a sustained year-round programme with a literacy focus, including 25 hours of targeted intervention across the academic year. Using our carefully chosen resources, students are supported in the practice and development of key literacy skills for a range of abilities.

Our outcomes are impressive, with more Pupil-Premium eligible students making expected, and above expected progress, on the Franklin Scholars programme. This is not only true for the Y7 mentees, but also their Y10 coaches - highlighting the potent double impact of peer-tutoring.

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Franklin Scholars is effective at reducing the gap in literacy attainment between Pupil-Premium (PP) eligible students and their peers.

On average in our partner schools, 10% fewer Year 7 students eligible for Pupil Premium make expected progress against the whole year group. However, on Franklin Scholars, that gap is reduced to 0% when measured against other Franklin Scholars participants.

We also see an equivalent narrowing of the gap in our Y10 cohorts. On average, 13% fewer Pupil Premium students are achieving a 4 or above in English Language GCSE (equivalent to an old 'C' grade) against the whole school. Pupil Premium students on the Franklin Scholars programme are more likely than their peers to be achieving a 4 or above. 

As a consequence, Franklin Scholars is a proven and effective allocation of Pupil Premium resources.

*SLOP = Sub-Levels of Progress. 2 sub-levels is equivalent to national expectations, 3 sub-levels progress is above national expectations.

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All students on our programme receive year-long support for key social and emotional skills, including resilience and wellbeing. Our immersive training is directly designed to upskill the Y10 Franklin Scholars in empathy, communication skills, and learning techniques.

The Franklin Scholars are then equipped to support Y7 students during a particularly precarious transition to secondary school.

Through our resources and mentoring sessions, all participants are encouraged to think about, discuss, and practice these core skills - developing their metacognition ('learning to learn’), and strategies to monitor their own performance and motivation. This is further complemented by a central focus on Growth Mindset and developing the ability to work through and learn from failures.

All Franklin Scholars resources and training are built around our ABCD Framework which explicitly develops key skills and habits, including resilience and self-worth. These are integral to the building and development of a young person's sense of wellbeing.

Students on the Franklin Scholars programme report significant changes in a wide range of our ABCD Skills & Habits.

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We endorse a rigorous 2-stage application process to ensure that only the most committed and dedicated students become your school’s Franklin Scholars. We also aim to identify students who show great leadership potential. This process creates a sense of esteem for the successful applicants among their peers, while also developing a feeling of pride in the Franklin Scholars themselves.

Using the latest evidence and research, our training and resources equip your students with the skills and knowledge they need to be effective coaches to others in their school. Watch as they lead weekly sessions for their peers to develop key social and emotional skills such as leadership, confidence and effective communication.