The franklin scholars programme

How It Works:


The Franklin Scholars programme is built on evidence-based research to create a leading peer-tutoring programme and a standard in best practice.

Working closely with your school over a year-long programme, we support cohorts of Year 10 pupils - the Franklin Scholars - to become better learners while they tutor and mentor younger pupils.

We match the Franklin Scholars with at-risk Year 7s, and set them up to lead weekly sessions that combine group activities, 1:1 literacy support and 1:1 mentoring.


We recruit Y10 Franklin Scholars through applications and interviews. Y7 mentees are referred by teachers.

Y10 Franklin Scholars, Y7 mentees and staff Programme Leaders each receive targeted training from our team.

Pupils and staff have our year-round, on demand support with professional resources, regular contact, visits and events.

We connect pupils & staff with opportunities and events to raise aspirations and ensure on-going development and long-term impact.


Our programmes are:


TARGETED to support particular groups of vulnerable or underperforming pupils.

YEAR-LONG to ensure a deep and sustained impact on pupils.

LINKED TO ACADEMIC OUTCOMES with a literacy thread, our programmes boost both mentors' and mentee's progress in literacy and English Language.

PUPIL LED so that pupils grow as leaders of learning in their communities.

SUPPORTED BY IMMERSIVE TRAINING and PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES so that pupils are equipped to lead high-impact sessions without requiring significant input or planning from teaching staff.

RECOGNISED AND ENDORSED by a growing number of universities, employers, and youth organisations as we connect our pupils to opportunities and events to raise aspirations and ensure on-going development and achievement.



The Franklin Scholars are provided with a comprehensive toolkit to structure and support their work with Year 7s.


Carefully chosen texts and accompanying Franklin Scholars activity cards to meet a range of levels and abilities


for the Franklin Scholars to lead group activities focused on building core skills including confidence, focus and communication skills


to support the mentoring process, including goal setting and problem solving, and to encourage creativity and the development of self-esteem

A year-round programme, the scope of impact grows as we continue to work with our partner schools year on year, and as Franklin Scholars becomes embedded in the school. If you'd like to hear more about how we can work with schools on a longer-term basis, please get in touch.