We believe in the power of people helping people.

We harness the power of people through our in-house peer coaching services, designed to help your staff build strong developmental relationships within the workplace. Using our expertise - developed over six years - our programme focuses on social and emotional skills development to improve employee retention, happiness and sense of belonging. With bespoke programmes and materials crafted to align with your needs, our emphasis on diversity and inclusion helps companies meet their employee targets in a straight-forward and productive way. Each company will receive robust activity and impact tracking.

How It Works:

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Our Programme is Different:

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Everyone Wins:


FEMALE MENTEES mentored by other women feel significantly more belonging, motivation, and confidence in their careers. They also experience higher retention and greater career aspirations.

MENTORS are more satisfied in their jobs and committed to the organisation than non-mentors. When one teaches, two learn.

MINORITY REPRESENTATION at the management level is boosted by 9-24% through mentoring programmes. Mentoring improves promotion and retention rates for minorities and women by 15-38% compared non-mentored employees.

COMPANIES BENEFIT from improved employee loyality, happiness, retention, and company culture.