The Franklin Scholars are outstanding student leaders, helping younger students make a strong start in secondary school through peer tutoring and coaching. 


The transition from primary to secondary school is a big leap, and how pupils navigate that transition is a strong predictor of future success. We know just the people who can help make sure that every child makes the strongest possible start.

Meet Nik and Mina. 

Nik started secondary school in September. Mina is a few years older, in Year 10, and in September she was recruited and trained as a Franklin Scholar. Since then, Nik and Mina have been meeting up for weekly sessions that combine 1:1 coaching, 1:1 literacy support and group activities with their colleagues. 

The sessions have boosted both Nik and Mina's progress in English language, and both Nik and Mina's teachers have noted changes in their attitudes towards learning and towards others. 

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